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Dorset Mind Your Head

I want to fundraise for Dorset Mind and specifically their Dorset Mind Your Head schools project.

In the last 18 months I have been the victim of bullying! I would often wonder why with all the support I have given other children that I would be picked on the way I have been.

Without going in to the detail, this experience however has eventually just added to my inner strength, which I want to use to help others.

Since going through such a tough time, I found that helping others was great for me and makes myself feel so much happier and the feeling of giving back is priceless.

So in comes Dorset Mind and their Dorset Mind Your Head initiative and I am now pleased to begin supporting this too.

Their work includes school visits which will not only educate but offer signposting and support services for others who may not have such supportive parents or friends, which I am fortunate to have.

I want to help others see the beauty of doing what makes you happy, no matter what that may be, due to the fact that ultimately that is key to helping teen mental health and I know their project emphasises this.

As with all projects they need funding and I want to raise a total of approximately £2500 towards this initiative and I hope my #BeTheMagic Ball event will sell out and enable this to occur.

Be The Magic has evolved from this journey and not just from my own personal desire to keep going but my feeling that there are so many more great stories out their where you can direct your thoughts to #BeTheMagic to help other children too.

Join me and #BeTheMagic

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