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Yay, I'm in the Echo!

Yay.... I am in the Bournemouth Echo.

Thanks to Nicky Findlay for assisting with this short article. I really appreciate it. I am looking forward to other interviews with more press over the coming weeks. Thanks to those who have reached out and engage on social media.

As per the My Story section on this website, the drive to help others with this particular initiative has helped me through a long traumatic bullying incident led by one student.

Having another focus to help you manage such situations and think of others worse off than you are is a powerful message to promote.

It does not detract from needing the feeling of strong swift support when you need it.

But if my project can help some students get assistance and support much quicker than they currently do, then I will be doing something worthwhile.

Another post will be released later covering Tickets and our online sales platform.

No time to write any more at the minute as there is revision to do.

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