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Too much, too soon....?

Lightbulb moments...

We all have them. But some ideas need a lot more effort and support to reach maturity.

It happens... We learn difficult lessons sometimes.

They seem to keep coming for me.

I have put notable effort in to my Be The Magic initiative to date, and specifically my dream of hosting my first event, the Be The Magic Ball.

However, with frustrating "situations" of recent times occurring again, along with exams revision and the stress that brings, I have not been able to push as hard as I may have liked.

Ticket sales have been steady and I have made a lot of effort with social media, school outreach and more but for some reason those routes have just not been reliable and have not delivered what I would have liked.

Maybe more time was needed or some more lightbulb moments or indeed advice and support from people but I cannot thank enough, those who have tried.

More news soon.

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