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#BeTheMagic Ball - New Date To Be Discussed

Many Thoughts Do Not Make Light Work

Many thoughts do not make light work...

Well that was a stressful time....

Exams, heat, tickets sales, administration, support, day to day life etc etc… Yes it sounds a lot and indeed it is.

Perhaps there were too many lights on at the same time and certain things fell in to the darkness.

But now it is time for the Holidays and more reflection.

Postponing the first #BeTheMagic Ball was not the easiest decision but thankfully the reaction has been positive from everyone who was involved.

We will be coming back and a new date to push this forward will be announced in due course.

I just wanted to explain that you learn a lot through these processes and ultimately how you think, something that should be "simple", certainly is not.

New ideas and new thinking is required and luckily we have great people around who will make sure we get it right as we move forward.

Simplifying things and perhaps doing less to start with is the way forward. Prove it and then grow as opposed to make something as big as possible straight away.

Everyone loves what we are trying to achieve and we are not kidding ourselves as to how hard this is going to be. But, as AFC Bournemouth would say, "Together Anything is Possible". With the right team and application around us, it certainly is and we are looking forward to the next steps.

I have learned a lot and even though it has been a little disheartening, I hope those who were around when we first conceived this concept will be there again as we move forward.

Thanks again for all the messages of support. The kind messages via social media and elsewhere are really appreciated. You know who you are.

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