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FAQs UPDATE: What defines Ill Discipline / Being on Report.

Well, you learn something every day.

Being on report in school many years ago was a very severe matter such as being suspended or other levels such as that.

Well, apparently these days it can be for forgetting a folder or a piece of homework.

Now we understand the need to keep on top of things but wow, how the word "being on report" has evolved.

Anyway, this aside, we have had some feedback re the Terms and Conditions and what constitutes being on report or ill discipline in our eyes.

What we can say is that it certainly is not forgetting a folder or being late with some homework. Those are not valid reasons why you may not get a ticket and attend an event such as the #BeTheMagic Ball. So do not worry, you can get one subject to availability.

Let's get some perspective here. It is only for severe reckless incidents and/or often persistent severe reprimands. Valid reason to question attendance as anyone running an event or wishing to host one would of those hoping to be involved.

So, we hope this helps those of you who have asked Ellie questions today.

Bear with her and us, as we are learning all the time. Remember this is all for a good cause and Ellie has evolved this herself.

For those at Parkstone Grammar, the new information that came to light today concerning types of "being on report" means those that are/have been on white report in this academic year (starting Sept 2017) can attend as these are not severe incidents but minor ones.

If you go on report after purchasing a ticket, the ticket will only be revoked if an incident is severe in the eyes of a head teacher or the host of the event.

Please note, discipline is managed and reported differently in every school. So what may be the case at Parkstone is by no means the same at other schools.

Thanks for your understanding and ongoing support.

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