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#BeTheMagic Ball FAQs

Firstly, thanks to my new helpers at Parkstone Grammar. You know who you are.

Secondly, here are some FAQ's. If there are other questions, feel free to keep asking on our social media accounts and we will do our best to answer promptly.

· How Much Are The Tickets (small booking fee applies along with postage when using online system?

Standard- £12

VIP (Free Drink on arrival and access to upper tier balcony and seating)-£20

· What Is The Dress Code?

Cocktail Dress Code (How you would dress if you are attending a nightclub when you are older)

· Can I Bring Friends?

Definitely, so long as your friend has purchased a ticket in their school (if option is available - check locally) as it is one ticket per person and each person must buy their own ticket. We are seeking student sales reps in other schools. Get one in your friend's school asap if your friends want the chance of getting tickets to the Ball. They can make it happen like I have.

· In Which Schools Can I Purchase a Ticket?

Parkstone Grammar is the first to have tickets sold. After that they will be sold via other schools in Poole, Bournemouth and surrounding areas. The other schools are to be confirmed. There are 550 Standard Tickets and 140 VIP Tickets available for school purchase. Ticket volume for the initial schools is limited. Remaining tickets proposed to go on open sale (subject to availability) on June 11th. Get a festival wristband to access pre-sale window.

· Can I buy a ticket for my friend/boyfriend who goes to another school?

No. It is one ticket per person and the person must purchase the ticket in their school (if available) if required prior to general open sale. If people do not follow this rule, organisers have the right to revoke their ticket/tickets without providing a refund.*

· When are tickets being sold here?

Tickets will be available to Parkstone students who have purchased a #BeTheMagic festival wristband during the week commencing 21st May. I will announce the date closer to the time. Sales opportunities for students of other schools are dependant on the school itself engaging. This can be sped up by an approved student sales representative getting involved with me urgently.

· Why is purchasing a Be The Magic Festival Wristband worth it?

By purchasing a £2 #BeTheMagic festival wristband from a student rep in your school or via your school, you are guaranteed to get at least a standard ticket on the day of ticket sales. Make sure you are wearing your band on the day we share more details about how you get your ticket online. This is key as numbers are so limited and after the tickets are sold to people who have purchased bands IF there is any tickets left over for your school it will be open to remaining pupils.

· What are the #BeTheMagic Social Media Details?

Instagram- @Bethemagic1

Twitter- @BeTheMagic1

Facebook- Search "Be The Magic Campaign" to find our cause page

· What are the Terms and Conditions?

Year 9 and 10 students from selected schools only

You cannot buy a ticket for anyone other than yourself and you must buy your ticket at your own school.*

No Refunds or Transfers are permitted^

Pupils cannot purchase a ticket if they are on severe report for ill discipline in the current academic year.+

Attendance may be refused on advice of a school if attendee is on severe report with head teacher for ill discipline and still chose to ignore the terms and conditions and purchase a ticket.

Parental approval is required when booking. More details re online booking availability and sales windows soon.

· Who is hosting the #BeTheMagic Ball?

All children, parents/carers and teachers should note that Halo Bournemouth will be hosting the #BeTheMagic Ball and treating it like any other event.

This means full security, safety and management of the premises on the evening of the event.

Halo directors have offered to host the event as they actively support Dorset Mind and the Dorset Mind Your Head schools initiative and believe in the Be The Magic concept. Additional representatives from Dorset Mind, schools and other local wellbeing advocates will be in attendance on the evening of the event.

· What is the #BeTheMagic Ball raising money for (Click links underlined for more info)?

The first #BeTheMagic event will fundraise for Dorset Mind and specifically their Dorset Mind Your Head Schools Project.

We will also be raising some funds to help send children with a life-threatening illness on their dream holiday to Give Kids The World Resort in Orlando Florida, where they will visit Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld and many other central Florida attractions. A once in a lifetime chance.

Furthermore we will be raising some funds to try and help you kids #BeTheMagic too. You could do what I have done. Yes you could! There are sometimes limited expenses in making an event like the #BeTheMagic Ball happen and we want to help you do your bit too. Big or small us kids can do great things to help others with the right support around us.


* Subject to change depending on sales patterns up to the date of the event

+ Different schools have varied "on report" systems. This is not for minor offences like late homework or forgetting a file etc. Only severe incidents at the discretion of any head-teacher and event host.

^ Extenuating circumstances for refunds

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